Why Choose PHH As Your Partner

1. Performance

Our consultants work in vertical markets allowing them to build up a thorough and comprehensive knowledge in their specialists sector. As such, we are able to provide you with the necessary understanding of your business, your competitors and your markets.

2. Search Strategy

PHH evaluate together with our client project details by understanding of client's culture, the position responsibilities and necessary qualifications, and to develop a full working schedule from our management and consultants to determine a search strategy for finding the best candidate by using our talent pool, web-based database, our network of industry contacts, searching relevant companies as well as your competitors.

3. Candidate Attraction

Not only via conventional searches, our on-hold executive vacancies are publicized also through the network of our global cooperation partners to attract hundreds of candidates to our unique services and opportunities of quality jobs. Candidates come to us proactively, simply because we care about their future more than anyone else.

4.In-depth Assignment Review

Prior to commencing work on an assignment, we will complete an assignment investigation with the clients in order to develop and produce an in-depth profile for the vacant position to contain any special requirements.We advise our clients to invest some time at this stage of the process to ensure that we have selected appropriate candidates for the required position.

5. Tailor Pre-interview with Profound Candidate Report

PHH pre-interviews are developed specifically for each position while maintaining transparency with clients, sharing all candidates information with clients. The pre-interview mainly convers: the key hiring competencies, skills, experience and wide range of matching criteria such as culture, management style and work environment to ensure the highest matching rate.

6. Search Review and Follow up

In the final stage of our process, we consult with our clients to review top candidates and support the selection process. PHH frequently provides support in the negotiations between the client and candidate. Even after the position is filled, we conduct ongoing follow-up with both client and candidate to ensure success of the new executive.