Who We Are

As the professional, market oriented provider of permanent recruitment for multinational and local firms in great China market, PHH has been operating in China since early 20's with incorporate partnership of global executive search firms and consultants.

The difference is our identification as a "Regional community" of such service provider sharing the global as well as regional network, and with intimate understanding of the nuances of the particular markets. Our professionals know the local economic, regulations and culture realities of the market with the added perspective of our knowledge.

Our approach to those executives and talents is unified throughout our network, our organization, and our reputation towards the China market, and added resources that come with our proprietary access to local knowledge enhance it. From large multinationals to local firms, our C-level candidates understand the PHH's difference and depend on it to help them succeed, and on the other hand, our clients relay on PHH to grow and become even more competitive in the market.