Market Sectors

1. Industry Sectors

1.1. Health Care & Life Science

Our practice professional have hands-on experience, having worked in scientific field. Ranging from healthcare to pharmaceuticals. PHH have the knowledge and track record needed to serve these clients' specialized needs.

  • 1) Pharmaceuticals
  • 2) Health Care & Life Science

1.2. Consumer Products

PHH consumer specialists have extensive knowledge and expertise, with most of our consultants having had direct experience as line level experience with highly respected consumer products companies. We regularly conduct searches for C-level executive as well as senior mangers in the consumer sector. Our multinational clients rely on our ability to assess and deliver qualified candidates for positions in a broad array of consumer industry sectors of consumer industry sectors. These sectors include consumer goods, retail, luxury goods, cosmetics, fashion and hospitality.

  • 1) Retail chain
  • 2) Luxury brand outlets
  • 3) Cosmetics
  • 4) Commercial real estate
  • 5) Apparel

1.3. Professional Services

PHH's professional services encompass law, finance, IT and business consulting firm clients. The practice of our team mirrors that of our clients thus allowing us a unique understanding of their needs and enabling us to conduct searches from a local perspective.

  • 1) IT services
  • 2) Financial Services
  • 3) Legal Services
  • 4) Business Consulting

2. Functional Sector

2.1. Human Resources

PHH searches are focused in the HR specialty, and we conduct local searches for companies in a wide range of industries. Our success here is the result of our strong working relationships with our clients. Our professionals clearly understand our clients' needs and the importance role HR executives play in the overall leadership of these companies. Our knowledge of the issue shaping the HR industry from training and development to succession planning and diversity is highly respected by the clients we serve.

  • 1) Executives
  • 2) Sales & marketing
  • 3) Business Development
  • 4) Finance services
  • 5) Retail Operations
  • 6) Medical Manager
  • 7) Human resources
  • 8) Legal services
  • 9) Supply Chain & Logistic
  • 10) Quality assurance & control
  • 11) Mass Recruitment
  • 12) Others

2.2. Training